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BioStretch is a soft material so it is very gentle and suited to use even on the most delicate of plants.
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BioStretch is a very strong material that will support large plants as well as smaller ones.
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BioStretch is a stretchy material that will expand with your plant as it grows, whilst still providing support.
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Naturally Falls Off

After supporting your plant for 18 to 24 months, BioStretch’s job is complete. It will now degrade and drop off.
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Hand Friendly

However young or old your hands are, they will be sure to love the soft material of BioStretch.
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Highly Rated

Which tested our product in August 2016 and gave it an amazing score of 94%.


Glee Green Awards
Winner of the Green Award at Glee 2013
GIMA Finalist Award
Finalist at the GIMA Awards 2013


Bio Ball

Bio Ball

Bio Ball is the perfect size to slip in your pocket and comes in an economical length of 20M.
Bio Ball 2 Pack

Bio Ball (2 Pack)

Two of our perfect pocket sized 20M Bio Balls in one packet.
Bio Roll 40M

Bio Roll (40M)

Planting lots of young trees and wish to be environmentally friendly? This product is for you!
Bio 8M Card

Bio 8M Card

Following customer requests, we also offer our great BioStretch product on a card, which easily hangs for maximum convenience.
Bio 8M Extra Wide

8M Extra Wide Card

Our Extra Wide product on a card, is perfect for larger plants and trees and easily hangs for maximum convenience..
Bio 15M Extra Wide

15M Extra Wide Card

Our Extra Wide product on a card, that is perfect for larger plants and trees in an extra length pack.
Bio 200M Roll

Bio 200M Roll

The 200M roll is the perfect money saving option for professional growers and garden designers.
Bio Cyril Toy

Bio Cyril

Cyril is our little BioStretch man and a great way of introducing your children into the world of gardening.



We always listen to our customers' feedback and ideas. We thank you for it and wherever possible act upon it, the launch of our BioStretch Extra Wide product being just one example.

What size BioStretch do you sell?

BioStretch comes in two different widths and various different lengths, with further variations being added later in 2020. Please check out our products page for our current product range.

Where can I buy BioStretch?

Simply type us in google. Our products are available in garden stores up and down the country, Amazon and various online gardening stores.

Is BioStretch Biodegradable?

To ensure optimal performance and quality in all weathers and climates, the latest BioStretch production is made with 95% natural and 5% man-made materials.

When exposed to light, moisture and microbes, 95% of the BioStretch breaks down very easily into natural elements found in nature. The remaining 5% (which equates to 0.04g per 30cm) will break down, all be it over a much longer period. This formula, along with the use of no wire or PVC content, makes BioStretch the first choice for sustainable gardening whilst gently looking after your plants.

Is your packaging Biodegradable?

Currently our company's total packaging usage is 85% Biodegradable. Our target of 100% will be achieved by early 2021, when all of our packaging will consist of only recycled paper and cardboard.

Can I compost BioStretch?

When added to a compost heap any trace chemicals will be minuscule. 50 plant ties of 30cm in length would only consist of 2g of man-made material (less than a teaspoon of sugar). If you wish to achieve an absolute 100% organic compost, we suggest you simply collect the BioStretch once it has fallen from your plants and pop it in the rubbish bin.

Where's Cyril?


If you’re a retailer, professional grower or bulk user and would like to become a partner of the BioStretch family, please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.