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BioStretch is a soft material so it is very gentle and suited to use on even the most delicate of plants.


BioStretch is a very strong material that will support large plants as well as smaller ones.


BioStretch is an elasticated material so as your plant grows it will stretch whilst still giving gentle but firm support.

Rots Away

If used outdoors, depending on the weather conditions BioStretch naturally drops off the plant and rots into the ground after 18-24 months.

Hand Friendly

BioStretch is a cotton-based product, your hands however young or old will love it.

Uses for BioStretch Garden Ties

BioStretch can be used for all sorts of jobs around the garden – in fact, for anything that needs gentle but firm support. Common uses would include supporting tomato plants, securing runner bean canes and attaching to young staked plants and trees.

Which? Gardening August 2016

Which Test Score 94%

"BioStretch were best at securing plants in place without causing them any damage.”

  Ease of Use

  Overall Durability

  Lack of Stem Damage

  Removal and Reuse

How does it work?

These images show how BioStretch
rots away into the ground over a 6 month period after falling off the plant.

  • BioStretch doing it's job, gently supporting the plant.

  • After approx. 18 months BioStretch loses its strength and drops off the plant.

  • On contact with the moist soil and bacteria, the cotton quickly starts to break down.

  • Approx. 3 months in and BioStretch has already rotted away quite considerably.

  • After approx. 6 months on the ground BioStretch has rotted away into the soil and completely disappeared.

Winner of the Green Award - Glee New Product Awards 2013

"BioStretch is an innovative, biodegradable twine that the judges felt is a truly eco-friendly product. It offers a soft, stretchy yet strong garden tie that rots into the ground after two years outside. It's the ideal way of supporting a plant as it grows!"

Caroline Owen