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BioStretch is a soft material so it is very gentle and suited to use even on the most delicate of plants.
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BioStretch is a very strong material that will support large plants as well as smaller ones.
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BioStretch is a stretchy material that will expand with your plant as it grows, whilst still providing support.
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Naturally Falls Off

After supporting your plant for 18 to 24 months, BioStretch naturally degrades and drops off.
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Hand Friendly

However young or old your hands are, they will be sure to love the soft material of BioStretch.
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Highly Rated

Which tested our product in August 2016 and gave it an amazing score of 94%.


Bio Ball

Bio Ball

Bio Ball is available exclusively from our professional online garden partners.

BioStretch 8M Card

8M Card

BioStretch 8M Card 3 Pack

8M Card (3 Pack)

BioStretch 8M Extra Wide Card

8M Extra Wide Card

BioStretch 200M Roll

200M Roll

BioStretch Cyril



Winner of Glee New Product Award - The Green Award 2013

2013 Finalist in GIMA Awards for Growing and Planting Equipment and Sundries


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