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BioStretch is a soft material so it is very gentle and suited to use even on the most delicate of plants.
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BioStretch is a very strong material that will support large plants as well as smaller ones.
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BioStretch is a stretchy material that will expand with your plant as it grows, whilst still providing support.
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Naturally Falls Off

After supporting your plant for 18 to 24 months, BioStretch naturally degrades and drops off.
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Hand Friendly

However young or old your hands are, they will be sure to love the soft material of BioStretch.
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Highly Rated

Which tested our product in August 2016 and gave it an amazing score of 94%.


Glee Green Awards
Winner of the Green Award at Glee 2013
GIMA Finalist Award
Finalist at the GIMA Awards 2013


Bio Ball

Bio Ball

Bio Ball is available exclusively from our professional garden partners.
Bio 8M Card

Bio 8M Card

New for 2019 following customer requests, we are now offering our great BioStretch product on a card, which easily hangs for maximum convenience.
Bio 8M Card 3 Pack

Bio 8M Card (3 Pack)

Once you have used our Biostretch you won't want to stop. The 3 pack edition is a great money saver for garden enthusiasts.
Bio Ball

8M Extra Wide Card

Our brand new Extra Wide product, as requested by you, is perfect for larger plants and trees.
Bio 8M Card

Bio 200M Roll

The 200M roll is the perfect money saving option for professional growers and garden designers.
Bio 8M Card 3 Pack

Bio Cyril

Cyril is our little BioStretch man and a great way of introducing your children into the world of gardening.



If you’re a retailer, professional grower or bulk user and would like to become a partner of the BioStretch family, please fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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